Monday, November 25, 2013

Sometimes the pressure of the holiday season creates worry and anxiety about a multitude of issues. “Will I have enough money to buy my daughter all the gifts she wants from ‘Santa’?” “I wish this year my husband and I could buy each other gifts for once.” “How will I find time to have Thanksgiving at my house this year?” “Why did I over commit, again?” Then January comes and some of us are financially struggling or have broken boundaries with family members because of the season.

Often times anxiety creates feelings of vulnerability and helplessness which trigger additive behaviors. An addictive behavior is a way to displace very strong emotions that are hard to deal with. We have often been taught that if we can remain “busy” and “distracted” that we can avoid the addiction. The truth is, we can only avoid an addiction for so long. A 1, 5, 10, or 20 year addiction with eating, shopping, drinking, drugs, or self-sabotage cannot be cured in 2 days by keeping yourself occupied.

This season, and moving forward, the trick to ridding of a bad habit or addiction is to become more self-aware. Before you binge eat or take a sip of that alcohol, ask yourself what events had just led up to the craving. Sometimes, keeping yourself distracted, means you are taking on more and more, creating more anxiety which may in fact be the problem that is driving you toward your addiction. The key to most anything in life is to be self-aware and in tune with your body and mind.

This week’s challenge is to examine emotional issues that come before your desires to give in to an addiction so that you can find ways to manage these emotions before the cravings or strong desires emerge.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I wanted to share something with you all tonight. Every morning I wake up and read an inspiration of some sort. Sometimes it is motivating, sometimes spiritual etc. Good way to start off your day- and I suggest you step foot into your day as well doing this.

Today's inspiration was somewhat spiritual- it was along the lines of this:
Do not judge so that you will not be judged- for with whatever judgment you judge, expect to be judged back and to the measure you judge, that is how you will be measured, too.
I took that and started my day off with the fact that I will be cognizant of my judgment over people and things today- and thought nothing of it.

Today however, I was judged. I got a little choked up for a moment. That is when I remember my morning inspiration. That was not a quote for me today to live by, it was a reminder that I do not have to spend my day crying or backing down from goals from someone who is judging me- especially someone who knows not one thing about me.

Having read that inspiration this morning, it helped me to not lose sight of my tasks today and recharge into full gear. What could have been 7 hours of tears today, was 7 minutes because of one small positive thought/inspiration this morning.

The rest of the week, I challenge you to start your day off with a positive quote or inspiration- you never know how it could change your entire day and perception of yourself.

While running today, I was doing my best to enjoy and take in the moment. I was ¾ of the way done with my run, so I was definitely working it at this point, but feeling proud that I was so close. The sun was barreling down on me and the softest rain drops fell upon me. In the brightest sun, I had the sweetest rain drops.

As I was enjoying the moment and really beginning to become proud of myself, a man on a bicycle had whizzed past me. With a flash and a blink of my eye, he was well ahead of me. Wherever he was going, I knew that he was going to beat me to my goal line. For one second, I wished I was going that fast.

After my five seconds of a pity party, I realized my run had slowed down and I lost sight of my goal line. I woke up really quickly. This was MY run, this was my journey today. Not going so fast meant that I could enjoy more of the sun and rain. When I refocused my thinking, I blinked and realized I had finished. I met my goal for the day.

Today’s challenge: Do not compare your journey with someone else’s. They have different tools that get them to the goal line faster, quicker and better. Someone will always be better than you and someone will always not be as good as you. That’s life. So, enjoy your sun and your rain drops along YOUR journey.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Every person has a story about their lives to tell. Some stories are happy and sad, others are full of drama or powerfulness. Our journey should not only be something that happened in the past, we should tell the world about our journey in an appropriate and healthy manner in the present. We should acknowledge our journey every single day. The more we live our journey and experience the in the moment, moments, the more empowered and confident we will feel. The trick is in knowing which story to tell and retell, and how to reframe your story in a manner that shows strength and resilience. The more you tell your story, the more your story shapes you in the present. Make sure the story you are telling shapes the current you, the right way.

The story that you tell to those around you, co-workers, friends, etc. is a direct reflection of who you are today. If your story is negative and full of drama, expect some people to stay away. Positive people stay positive because they stay away from negative people. We all have negative stories. We all cried at one point or another. But this story of sadness does not have to define you and your future. Work to reframe your story into one that shows strength, determination and positivity.   

This week’s challenge, reframe the negativity in your story to show strength and your ability to march on and up.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

During the holiday season we often forget about the top one or two people we care about most. Yeah, sure, you buy them a couple gifts, but that is not what I am talking about when I say that you “forget” these specific people.
This season be sure that you enjoy the holiday, too. Remember who your top five life roles consist of, and don’t go overboard serving all the people outside of those roles. Typically, as you stress about serving others for the holidays, you complain to the ones you actually care most about. The people you most love often suffer the wrath. They hear you complaining and listen to your tears of being overwhelmed during the holiday season. Sure these people should listen to you cry when the boss is beating you up or you have just downright had a bad day, but the beauty of the holiday season should not be something to cry over, unless it is tears of joy.
During the holiday season a lot of women spend all their time prepping, stressing, cooking, serving and cleaning up, that not only did they miss the moment of the holiday season, but they are glad it is over. This holiday season, I challenge you to set boundaries and limit yourself to what you can handle emotionally. If you have already made plans for the holidays, what can you delegate out? Maybe get those you love involved more this year- almost to create a stronger bond with those you care most about, plus taking stress off you. Forget perfectionism this year and focus on what the holiday actually means.
Plus, if you had actually maintained boundaries all year long with family and friends, now is not the time to blur those boundaries. You do not want your joy of pleasing others to become something that people now expect all the time from you.
Kindness ≠ Doormat.


Friday, November 15, 2013

Release of Type "S"uperwoman!

Hi Superwomen!

This week I released my new book Type "S"uperwoman- Finding the Life in Work-Life Balance: A Self Searching Book for Woman.

In the book you are asked to add characteristics that you feel define a Superwoman- I encourage you to add some to this blog after you have read the book.